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New Updates - An explanation

I’m almost caught up on updates.  This next one needs a little explanation.  When I launched in 2000 I had a lot of different types of content on there - smoking, B/W old hollywood glam w classic bondage, glamour bondage, and shibari.  Later as I discovered my love for latex I started adding more latex and glamour content.  Eventually foot fetish content made its way into the mix as I discovered I liked that too.  I’ve never been the kind of person who was into just one thing. 

I constantly heard that having too many types of content was the problem with my site and people wouldn’t sign up because they were afraid their particular fetish wouldn’t get enough content.  You know what?  Those people were wrong.  When I had a mix of stuff I was happier and I had WAY more members than I do now.

So, I’m going back to what I like and I like lots of different things.  I also think it’s great when someone discovers a fetish they didn’t know they had by way of my work.  If someone is a bondage nut then there is still a fuck ton of bondage content on my site.  That’s right, a FUCK TON.  This next update has boot fetish, latex hoods, smoking fetish, bondage, forced orgasms, leather gloves and more.  Also stay tuned, as I have my very own on line store in the works that’s a mobile store where one can buy dvds, clips, photo sets and more! 

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  1. selinaminx said: I’ve encountered the same problems with my Clips4Sale store. My specialized store gets much less traffic than my assortment store. I’m doing a major rebuild of my website as well for the same reasons you are. SelinaMinx
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